Portland, Oregon We try each day to put hearts into our work, creating fun and funky pieces that exemplify our passion for real-world issues like social justice, equality, self-love, and female empowerment. The best part of this journey is giving our customers an irreverent and creative way to express yourselves through our jewelry. Your inspiration motivates us to work harder ... Read More

Laurette O’Neil Jewelry

Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas contemporary jewelry designers, Laurette O’Neil and Zygmunt, met in Tucson, AZ. Twenty years ago Laurette moved to Poland where Zygmunt was a successful jewelry designer for over twenty five years. He graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Warsaw. Laurette is a constant apprentice studying her craft throughout the world. ... Read More

Kimberly Geiser

Brooklyn, New York Kimberly Geiser’s rustic enamel series is predominately inspired by architectural elements. She uses neutrals and deep, rich earth tones, in addition to cool blues and blacks & whites. The work has an organic and fashionable flair to it, enhanced by geometric as well as leaf shapes. Featured Products [product_category per_page="12" columns="4" orderby="menu_order title" order="ASC" category="kimberly-geiser"]

Kiku Handmade & Laurie Freivogel

Chicago, Illinois Laurie Freivogel and Kiku Handmade glass studio is located just outside Chicago, Illinois. Her love of glass started when she bought a fused glass pendant at an art fair and was totally drawn in. After her daughter was born in 2001, she quit her full time job at a computer consultancy to stay home with her two kids. ... Read More

Painted Scarves

Saratoga, CA Kavita Singh Kavita’s designs are an example of what is achieved when a masterful hand is led by an artistic heart. Silk artist Kavita Singh has come a long way since her apprenticeship in Paris as a textile designer. Kavita has perfected her silk painting techniques by studying and practicing silk painting for more than 25 years. Being ... Read More

La Molla Jewelry Design

Paris, France Tiziana Redavid In February 1987, Tiziana Redavid, an architecture student in Turin, visited a factory of a friend, an industrial springs manufacturer. Inspired by that visit, this Italian born architect founded La Molla Jewelry Design. Each bracelet is composed of 97 stainless steel springs, a reference to the year of their launch on the market. She lives in ... Read More

Kathy Kamei

San Francisco, California "The most important thing I have learned to do is to trust my inner voice," says Kathy Kamei, designer and CEO of the line of jewelry that bears her name. She credits her desire to celebrate women as the inspiration for her business, "what we wear should empower us and give meaning to our passions." Kamei's journey ... Read More

Joy Susan

New Britain, CT Joy Susan is the embodiment of a true American success story. In 1972, starting with a handful of her own jewelry creations, Debbie Tierney went from store to store, not just looking to sell her jewelry, but looking for opportunities to develop relationships. In an era when women were not recognized as entrepreneurs, Debbie pushed forward and ... Read More


San Antonio, Texas For native Texan and current Austinite, Leigh Elena Navarro, pursuing the art of crafting jewelry has been more than just a career goal; it has been a lifetime in the making. Originally from El Paso, Leigh began learning the processes for fusing enamel and glass together at the young age of five from her mother, Susan, a ... Read More


Portland, Oregon Lindsay Jo Holmes Avid skateboarders from Portland, Oregon USA. They make jewelry and accessories out of recycled skateboards and industrial skateboard waste. Fueled by a passion to give back to skateboarding by reducing its carbon footprint. MapleXO believe in hard work, quality over quantity, and good people. “Skateboarding helps you look at the world differently. Suddenly, parking curbs ... Read More