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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to unique, artisan-crafted pieces. I am inspired by true artists and their ability to create beauty, draw out emotions and offer the rest of us a glimpse into the lives reflected by their art.

My passion for this has led me to galleries and studios around the world, and ultimately to realize this dream of opening a gallery to showcase such art – this place I call TallulahBelle’s.

TallulahBelle’s began the transition from dream to reality in 2010 when I was traveling with my daughter in Alaska. I was at the time taking a break, contemplating my 25-year career in corporate finance. On this trip, we made our way into a series of small studios off the beaten path. I was, as always, eager to meet the artists and learn their stories. For me, an artist’s story and inspiration are often as compelling as the pieces they create.


When we left, my daughter asked very simply, “When are you going to do this for yourself?” And more, she challenged me to take such a leap of faith while she was still “around” versus waiting until I officially retired and she was off pursuing her own dreams. I suddenly realized that just maybe I could do this…. and my concept for TallulahBelle’s began to crystallize.

TallulahBelle’s Gallery is about showcasing and selling unique and beautiful art – one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces such as jewelry, scarves, handbags, belts, as well as adornments for the home – created by artists from around the world. Our vision for TallulahBelle’s is to tell the story of each artist, so that when you make a purchase, you’ve acquired much, much more than a piece of art, you’ve been touched and inspired by someone’s life and passion. We want to connect the courageous artists who have stayed true to their calling of designing original and distinctive pieces with an appreciative audience of purchasers.

People often ask me how I came up with the name, TallulahBelle’s. It is the nickname I gave to my daughter when she was just a baby, and to me, represents the juxtaposition of every woman’s personality. Tallulah – sassy, yet sophisticated and playful. And Belle – the French word for beautiful. We want our gallery to reflect that juxtaposition.

Feel welcome, never intimidated. Browse and enjoy, and buy only pieces that you love and that inspire you. Isn’t that the true joy of art?

Melanie Coleman
September 2011


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