The Wait

Clients often ask when visiting TallulahBelle’s how I resist the urge to take every piece I select home with me.  My response is typically a very pragmatic and logical one – this is a business.

While that is absolutely the truth, it is also true that frequently pieces nudge their way deeper into my heart and each day when I open the store, I visit that piece and wonder at what point either a very special person will come in and take it home with them or whether today is the day that it goes home with me.  Well today is one of those days.

Almost two years ago, my sister Debbie and I took a trip to visit a collection of work on display in New York City.  The work was made by Manuel Ferreiro, an artist born in 1948 in Mexico City, Mexico.  Manuel is a gentle man who speaks in with a soft but passionate voice.  He loves the arts, he loves his country and he loves the life he has created for himself.  Manuel works in bronze, a medium that I have very little historical experience with and one that I had never carried in the gallery.

Manuel invited my sister and I to linger, to study each and every piece in his collection and to read the very detailed story that accompanies each body of work.  In those stories, you find fibers of his life.  Some tell of his childhood, life in Mexico, his travels, his passions, his secrets,his pursuit.   Through reading each of these, you gain a deeper understanding into the artist that is Manuel as well as the deep meaning and value of each piece of work.

During that visit, we selected seven pieces to introduce to our dear friends and loyal supporters at TallulahBelle’s. Most the them have found their permanent homes, one resonated with a local doctor as it spoke to her extensive travels, two found their way to new friends in Florida, one to loyal follower and so one.  But, one in particular, the one that seemed to resonate the most with me has not found a permanent home, until today.  That piece, entitled very appropriately, The Wait will find its home tonight.

Manuel’s story behind the creation of The Wait is one involving his trip to Central Park on a snowing snowing day. Art is in the eye of the beholder, and The Wait for me is symbolic of the path I believe we all travel through our lives.

As some, maybe all of you know, it’s been three weeks since my last blog post and two weeks since I officially dropped my one and only daughter off at college.  We are both embarking on new journeys, but in many ways we are both still waiting for the road, the path to appear, and more importantly, to discover what the next chapter of our lives will look like.  We both hold the key to creating those chapters but at this very moment, it feels like hitting the pause button, reflecting, and waiting, is exactly where I personally am supposed to me.  So tonight, when I set the alarm and lock the door, this carefully and thoughtfully crafted bronze statue will accompany me on my journey home.

I encourage you to visit Manuel’s website to experience the full breadth of his work.  The remaining Manuel Ferreiro pieces I currently carry are but a few pages of the many chapters of his life told through his extensive body of work.

Melanie ColemanThe Wait