Photography At It’s Finest

I met Karin Connolly for the first time 2 years ago at the Plaza Art Fair.  I was captivated by her photography.  I love the ocean, the beach and the sun.  Her ability to capture the essence of all three was unlike anything I had witnessed before.  Her work is pure photography…just her, her camera and nature.  As you view her work you can’t help but relax into them and feel as if you were actually standing there beside her as she captured the moment.

Three of her pieces hang above my bed and are the last thing i look at at night before I go to sleep.  They are soothing, calming and relaxing pieces of work.  They bring a little bit of the ocean to my doorstep each and every day.

I am honored she is including a visit to our little oasis on June 2.  Hope you are able to join us!