Mother’s Day Must-Gives!

Mother’s Day is coming up. Let’s be honest, we love our mothers and want to do everything to make them happy but we always run around last minute stressing over the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. So, guess whaaaattt wweeee’ve done?!?! Put together a little guide to relieve some stress and make your mamas happy! There is a little something for everyone BUT if you don’t see the perfect gift on this list, give us a shout – We love to help celebrate them any way we can.

David Urso

David Urso has always been inspired by the classic beauty and golden richness of antiquity. Imagine the halls and lavish rooms of the Metropolitan Museum of Art where visitors of today’s contemporary world come face to face with with the artistry of the world’s great ancient civilizations. This is David’s unique style – the opulence of the ancient mixed with the clean lines of modernity.  Always timeless, always familiar and yet surprising. This is the Urso Jewelry Collection.  David’s latest work arrived, yesterday, yes YESTERDAY.  Stop by SOON to get the best selection!


Liz Kinder

Liz Kinder’s delicate bowls are always surprising customers with their sassy, amusing descriptive cards, which are included with each bowl. Her career as a ceramicist began quite accidentally while selling her bicycle to chef, Joseph Manzare, who, after seeing her pieces displayed in her home, promptly ordered serving pottery and a large vase for his restaurant in San Francisco.  Liz is known for her ultra savvy pottery. All pieces are food, microwave and dishwasher safe. For those of you who have followed us from the beginning, you will recognize Liz as one of our originals!

Ayn Hanna

Ayn loves to draw, map, and organize thoughts, plans, spaces, and the world around her. It is through drawing, visually mapping ideas that Ayn makes sense of the world.  Her subject matter includes imagery from the natural world as well as abstract compositions informed by her dreams.  Her work is an exploration of ideas and processes. Ayn has a special place in our heart as she was raised in Kansas City. She currently lives and maintains her studio practice in Fort Collins, CO.  

Tiziana Redavid

Italian architect, Tiziana Redavid, gained inspiration for her range of stainless steel jewelry when she visited a friend who manufactured industrial springs. Taking samples, she viewed them with her fresh imagination, and was struck by the similarity with African ornamentation. Each pair of earrings and each bracelet is composed of 97 stainless steel springs, a reference to the year of their launch on the market. The delicacy of their texture evokes silk and their lightness contrasts amazingly with their quantity.   If you think these earrings are something to see…just wait till you see the rest of her collection!

Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes

Until the age of ten, Michelle was certain the secret passage into Narnia truly existed and if she just rifled through enough closets and cupboards, she would find it. Fables, fairy tales, and legends have always enchanted Michelle, her favorites being those with feisty and daring heroines.  Her whimsical, witty, and joyful artwork is still influenced by this idea of magical worlds that mingle with our own. Her line of home accessories is inspired by her interior designer mother and an expert seamstress grandmother who taught Michelle to stitch, knit, and sew. Many beautiful family heirlooms appear in Michelle’s art and designs.  If you’re looking for just a little something extra for mom, one of Michelle’s keychains will be the perfect choice!  

Come in the store or give us a call. Either way – we wish all the mothers much  love and joy everyday!