New Location and New Artists

Tomorrow I take possession of TallulahBelle’s new location at 8004 Foster in Overland Park. I couldn’t be more proud of the passion and energy devoted by a small team of folks helping me design, build, and fill this space. I can’t wait to welcome you through the doors of our reinvented and reimaged TallulahBelle’s. The new location has allowed me to step back and view how Tallulahbelle’s has evolved and then create a location and reengage so many talented artists to fulfill this evolved vision!  From the moment I take possession tomorrow until we open on February 17th (come celebrate with use! (hyperlink)) the team will infuse the space with art in all of it’s forms. The store itself will be thoughtfully crafted  from the wood on the walls to the rugs on the floors. Then newly curated assessories, gifts and home decor from artists like (list artists) will be displayed.

Over these next few weeks, I invite you to come along on this journey. You will see the store be crafted by Flotsamist (hyperlink) and join me on a journey to meet the artists who create the newest pieces at TallulahBelle’s. For without them, none of this would be possible.  Here’s a sneak peak at a few of the new kids on the block!

christina1Christina Kober

The jewelry Christina designs is a perfect balance of understated elegance and playfully whimsy. It can be worn everyday but is also the perfect accent for the big moments of your life. Each piece of jewelry begins with a story or a significant moment from Christina’s life. While I have spoken with Christina many times, I am anxious to meet her for the first time later this week.



Jill Davis

When Jill was first exposed to the wonders of molten glass she immediately fell under its spell. Glass can do things that would be impossible with any other material, and although the learning process is quite difficult, once she was able to gain a little fluency, blowing glass became just plain fun. Jill tries to convey this fun by blending humor with fine craftsmanship in her designs. Each piece in Jill’s collection contains a deeper meaning that can either remain in the confines of your own heart of be shared with others.


hannieHannie Goldgewicht

Hannie was born in San Jose, Costa Rico and has traveled through Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America. This experience allowed her to observe different cultures and the diversity of art. Hannie discovered pine needle basketry in Argentina and has blended two mediums,  ceramics and pine needle weaving to create her truly one of a kind vessels.



FullSizeRender 4Justin Nelson

Justin is a former Marine Officer and Wildland Firefighter. After retiring those careers, he created his own brand from scratch revolving around his passion of woodworking. Jason loves creating lasting beauty from the remains of something as beautiful as a tree. Justin’s work places the grain of the wood front and center, ensuring his designs accentuate the natural beauty of the wood. Justin’s functional vases, votive, display pieces and lamps are all meant to bring a bit of the beauty of nature into your home.


Looking forward to introducing you to additional artists and see you at the store on February 17th for our grand opening. RSVP here!