25 Artful Tributes: “Mugs of Gratitude”

December 2. 23 days before Christmas.



Today I received a shipment of mugs. Not your ordinary mugs, these were Mugs of Gratitude. Bodies of clay playfully crafted into the shape of mugs with the word gratitude inscribed poetically on the front. These mugs are the evolution of a old familiar favorite, Cups of Joy, Love, Hope etc.

Noelle, a potter and poet, is the mastermind behind this work. Noelle’s work, like Noelle, is full of whimsy but also full of peace and grace. Noelle is the reason I carry this work. From the moment you meet her, you can’t help but be enrolled in her story and her mission of creating work that brings peace to the mind, body and soul. These mugs, like her cups, serve as a reminder of all the love, joy and hope that exists in the world, if you remain open to experiencing it and for the many aspects of my life that I personally have to be eternally grateful for.