25 Artful Tributes: Houston Llew’s “Masterpiece” Spiritile

December 1. 24 days before Christmas.

Twenty-four days that I should be filling your inbox with emails and social media feeds with Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram photos showcasing the newest arrivals and best gift ideas for the holidays.

Well, I decided to take a different approach. During the next 24 days, I plan to tell the stories of 24 of my favorite pieces at TallulahBelle’s. Some of the posts will focus on the piece itself, some will focus on the artist who created the piece and some will simply focus on why that particular piece resonated with me. Each post will be authentic and will hopefully give you a minute or two of reprieve from what can be, if we allow it to be, an extremely hectic time of year. And who knows? If this goes well, maybe I will make it a New Year’s resolution to write about 365 of my favorite pieces throughout 2016!

First up, Houston Llew spiritile #060, entitled, “Masterpiece” with this quote written on the side: ”The family is one of nature’s greatest masterpieces.” (George Santayana)


Over the course of the last 10 days, I had the privilege of watching my niece, Allison, radiantly walk down the aisle at her wedding; my niece, Erica, beam with excitement as she crossed into the second trimester of her first pregnancy; and my own daughter, Aubrey, confidently walk through the gate at the St. Louis airport on her first trip home from college. These three young woman, the next generation, mean the world to me and having the opportunity to spend time with them, as well as my extended family, over the holidays reminded me of what is truly important in my life, family and dear dear friends. In that lies my commitment this holiday season; to remain present to the true meaning of, in my personal case, Christmas, even though what I do for a living, by definition, falls into the overgeneralized retail category.  Let’s see how I do!