Reflecting on Four Years & a Lifetime of the Love of Art

Melanie & Aubrey

It is truly hard to believe that today, what started as a dream shared between a mother and daughter five short years ago, has blossomed into a community of like-minded people who have joined together and rallied behind a 952 square foot space called TallulahBelle’s.

Opening a small business, chasing a dream, following a passion can be an extremely scary endeavor. However, when you find a community of people, like those I have come to know and love, who encourage you, support you, and become equally enrolled in your dream, it becomes a much easier journey. Many in the TallulahBelle’s community are family and lifelong friends. Just as many, however, are people I would have never had the opportunity to meet, had I not opened a gallery. These people have now become friends both with me and with others within this ever-expanding family. That, my friends, is my greatest joy – seeing the relationships that have formed and flourished all within the walls of TallulahBelle’s.

This year in particular, TallulahBelle’s took many steps forward. Some personal. Some professional. Some good. Some, not so much. But regardless of the step, it was forward motion and it signified the growth each of us faces personally and professionally. During this year we hosted more than 20 events showcasing local and regional jewelry, fiber, ceramic and wood artists, enjoyed nights of bourbon and girl scout pairings and scotch and cigar pairings, partnered with numerous local philanthropic organizations as well as took on the daunting task of rebranding TallulahBelle’s to more closely align with our passion, “For the Love of Art.”

Finally, and possibly the most significant, we tackled a request we have heard since the day we opened our doors. The request that we offer an online shopping option. Well, today, that also became available to you. While the website will never be able to showcase each and every piece in the gallery, nor will it be able to recreate the experience one has when being within these four walls, it will offer you an opportunity to engage 24 x 7 as well as provide a window into what awaits you at TallulahBelle’s.

As today’s celebration unfolds, my daughter, a.k.a. TallulahBelle, will be sorely missed as she too has taken the steps necessary to chase her own dream. I can’t imagine what these last five years would have looked like had she not posed that question to me one cold day in Alaska, a question so simple, yet so hard for so many of us to answer. “When are you going to do this for yourself?” While “this” is different for each and every one of us, the question remains the same. I hope each of us continues to search for and find our answer.

Today represents a significant milestone in the TallulahBelle’s story. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by sharing a smile, a hug and a toast with each of you!

For the love of art,