Featured Makers, Creators and Artists // March

Our beautiful new downtown Overland Park space feels more and more like home each and every day.  We continues to fill every nook and cranny with new and exciting work from passionate artists from around the world.  Don’t worry, we are also refreshing the work of some of your longstanding fan favorites.  These artists, their creations and the stories that accompany their work are our motivation and inspiration each and every day.   We hope you enjoy learning about them as much as we do!

Our artists come from across the country and around the world. Their environments and textiles differ but their inspiration almost always comes from a desire to create human connections and let the power of art do the rest.

Liz + MaryLiz + Mary

Sisters from Minnesota, on a journey of a lifetime as they have taken their favorite pastime – making – and grown it into a business. It started with creative projects on the weekends in their tiny Austin, TX apartment. They are motivated to get their art and their little voice out there in the world. Each of their patterns starts out as a hand-drawn design. They burn their own screens and cut their own fabric. All textiles are hand-printed in their studio, and then sewn/finished and packaged up.


Suzanne and Don

Suzanne + Don

Suzanne and Don are the masterminds behind Cedar Mountain Studios. They built their workshop steps away from their home in Salt Springs. Their inspiration greets them every morning as they make their way to the Studio which is surrounded by beautiful cedar trees and a vista created by mother nature. They started the business in Vancouver in 1981 and the move to Salt Spring gave them a new focus.  For these two, hard work and humour are the keys to making the many hours spent at Cedar Mountain both happy and productive.


Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 9.57.32 AMLaurel Denise

Laurel “lolly” smith, owner and designer of laurel denise uses her handwriting to create sweet jewelry pieces filled with inspiration and happiness. In 2005, she was working in Washington, DC and remembered a dream she had the night before. In the dream she was using new tools and materials to create jewelry – tools and materials she had never used before! That day she left work early to research and figure out a plan. The rest is history…



WGK glass was started by owner Thomas von Koch in Germany in 1982. Thomas started everything from scratch as a passionate lamp worker who wanted to create pieces that reflected how he felt. He started with vases and tea light candle holders and bongs as most lamp workers and glass blowers did at that time. Thomas began to reflect back on childhood memories with his father in Austria and decided to use nature to revamp his creative style. He soon met like minded individuals John Zinner, Sandra Jahn and Anja Stötzer. These three started their research and began creating for the world.


Handmade is hard work – but if it was easy, anyone could do it. Come see us soon!