What’s An Eco-Dyed Scarf?

Ayn Hanna, Ft Collins resident and Colorado State University alum, creates one-of-a-kind scarves, eco-dyed and printed with natural plants.  I met Ayn while in Baltimore at the American Craft Council and immediately felt a connection to Ayn as well as her organic work.  Each piece is truly unique and it was so much fun selecting not only the color palette but also the specific plants to be used in the creation of the 10 pieces that will arrive later this week (hoping TODAY)!   Ayn’s work is truly like no other.  Here’s  a little window into the steps required to create each piece.

The Eco-Dyeing PROCESS:

Ayn begins by collecting local plant leaves, flowers and stems.  She places the pieces onto the fabric and tightly wraps the bundle around a stick.  Metal pieces are also occasionally incorporated for added interest.

Next, Ayn boils or steams the bundles in a pot of water with loose leaves.  The bundles are later removed and allowed to cool before unwrapping.

Ayn  carefully unwraps each bundle and marvels at the beauty of nature’s color and marks that the process has delivered.

As you carefully examine each scarf, with it’s understated and subtle markings, it’s difficult to comprehend that each was created purely through the combination of water, heat, plants and fiber.

Can’t wait for Scott my UPS driver to arrive today so I can tear into the box!