Make Christmas Giving Magical With These Thoughtful Gifts (Part II)

There is nothing better than giving and receiving a thoughtful gifts! During the holidays gift giving can be so overwhelming. We shared a gift guide with youlast Thursday to make it easier to meet the expectations. You all loved it and asked for more! This is part II of our gift guide. Make this holiday season thoughtful and unique with these 5 artisan-crafted pieces to surprise your loved ones.

IMG_0072Pave Diamonds
Artist: Chihiro Makio

I never knew I was an Art Deco gal, but Chihiro convinced me! Born and raised in Japan, Chihiro has always been interested in objects of small scale and fine detail. The Pave Diamond series is the latest addition to her collection. It is her interpretation of the timeless classic look of Art Deco style mixed with a contemporary edge. Chihiro uses pave diamond beads and charms set into a sterling silver frame. Labradorite and pyrite beads accent the sterling silver chains.

IMG_0065Handbags, glorious handbags
Artist: Jon and Tracy Haaland

Everyone knows I am a self proclaimed handbag addict and Seattle artists Jon and Tracy Haaland create the best of the best. Their distinct handbags use a variety of carefully curated leathers. Their designs incorporate limited edition domestic and European leathers, local and regionally sourced leathers in addition to up-cycled and recycled later remnants. Surprise someone special with these one of kind bag.

IMG_0036Mushroom Coral

Artist: Janine DeCresenzo

One-of-a-kind, every time. Each time you wear a piece of Janine’s mushroom coral collection, you are guaranteed to be stopped…and asked, what it is. Inherited from her grandmother, collected off the coast of Italy, individual pieces of mushroom coral become the focal point of each statement necklace. A one of kind piece, guaranteed to survive the test of time.

IMG_0003Up-cycled Ornaments
Artist: Heidi Leugers

Christmas ornaments are a timeless and traditional gift. Heidi processes thousands of pounds of wool fabric and fibers, including post consumer wool garment and virgin wool fleece. Heidi ethically sources the raw fleeces from American shepherds on small American farms. She is committed to ZERO WASTE so all scrap yarns and fibers are reused in her pieces. Add some colorful fun to your tree this year and know that with each purchase you are helping keep that old wool sweater from hitting the landfill.

IMG_0043Cups of…
Artist: Noele VanHendrick

Noele’s cups of…send a message into the world that encouraging words exchanged with our friends and neighbors can truly change their day. Whether someone you love this holiday season is in need of a Cup of Hope, Light, Joy, Grace, Courage, Love, Peace, Happy, or a cup of Gratitude, these cups will ensure they remember you and know that you care.


Thoughtful giving doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs to be real.