This Friday we open with new artists and a party!

The build out of our downtown Overland Park location has been a whirlwind experience.  Thanks to Aaron Weidner of Flotsamist, we have incorporated a solid walnut stump from the Country Club Plaza, live edge elm slabs from trees removed by KCMO from 23rd and Prospect, doors from an old abandoned church Mexico,  and cedar timbers found along the river bed. We’re even incorporating some 1980 Miami Vice can lights.  As if that’s not enough to pique your interest…

During the past 45 days,  we have also reconnected with some of our favorite artists (to see what they’ve been creating) and made connections with totally different artists that are guaranteed to quickly become new favorites.  Today, I am so excited to introduce you to the following four.

elizabeth Elizabeth Benotti

Elizabeth believes in creating objects worthy of surrounding yourself with everyday. Her work explores the relationships between everyday color, image and form. Using porcelain, she interchanges slipcasting, handbuilding and wheelthrowing techniques. The objects act as a canvas for drawing inlaid into the clay using a traditional mishima process and the decorative colors are hand painted. Her work is a small part in helping  bring back an appreciation for handmade, quality goods.



This small company out of Portland, Maine introduces contemporary polish handcrafted jewelry to anAmerican audience. The collection showcases the talent of over 15 renowned polish artists deeply rooted in the European tradition of design. Using materials like sterling silver and Baltic amber, designers create pieces of jewelry that are truly unique. Representative of the newest trends in contemporary design, the jewelry is selected to reflect the classic qualities of elegance, simplicity, and whimsy, to allow you to mix and match to create your own style.

owlsJackie Huang

Jackie is  a former Lucas film 3D story artist and art teacher. His journey into the world or art began when he wanted to gift his daughter something unique and special. At that moment, he decided that nothing could be more special than making the toys for her, himself.  As he had mastered the skill of needle felting years ago, he began needle felting woolen toys for her. Today, the toys that were so lovingly made for his daughter continue to put a smile on many children’s faces. Jackie has created a truly special line of handmade toys.


IMG_9642Laurel Denise

These designs come from Charlottesville, VA where the owner, nicknamed Lolly, lives with her husband and two daughters. She uses her handwriting to create sweet jewelry pieces filled with inspiration and happiness. While working in D.C. she remembered a dream from the night before where she used new tools and materials to create jewelry – tools and materials  she’d never used before! That day, she left work early to research and plan. Six months later, due to my slightly obsessive and, well, “determined” personality, she had a website and first orders. The rest is history.

Along with the new artists we are bringing to the Downtown Overland Park location, we are excited to share our one-of-a- kind build out.  I guarantee, we will not disappoint!   Please join us this Friday February 17th for our grand opening. RSVP here!