Bourbon & Girl Scout Cookie Pairing | March 12, 5:00-8:00

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The Bourbon Review recently published an article that piqued my interest. Probably because it touched on two of my all time favorite delicacies…Bourbon and Cookies. To know me is to know that both rank high on my list of items to grab if I were ever stranded on an island! With that said, we decided to not only share the findings of this critical research but to also host a party where YOU, our loyal followers, could judge for yourself!

To some, it might be sacrilege, but for some former Brownies, it’s a divine pairing: Bourbon & Girl Scout cookies. I personally never earned a patch but know that one isn’t required to appreciate the nuances of nibbling the sweet treats while sipping a well-crafted beverage! If you join us on March 12, you will quickly appreciate the combination as well.

To complete their research, the Bourbon Reviewers involved a neat (that means straight up to those of you who are not bourbon drinkers) tasting of a variety of Bourbons with each cookie. Typically they first took a bite of the cookie, then followed it with a sniff and measured sip of the Bourbon. They then followed it with another bite of the cookie (I personally bet they ate the whole thing..seriously, how many “bites” are in a Girl Scout cookie). This process allowed them to get a good sense of how well the taste and scent of the two combined. They concluded the article with a recommendation that if we staged our own pairing that we should experiment beyond their picks. We will definitely do that…and we want each of you to join us. {Makers} Mark you calendar for March 12. I promise, this will be a night to remember!.

Melanie ColemanBourbon & Girl Scout Cookie Pairing | March 12, 5:00-8:00