25 Artful Tributes: “To the Moon and Back” Enamel Plaque

December 3. 22 Days before Christmas.


Jenn’s work is glass on copper.  The glass is ground finer than sugar and sifted onto a copper plate which is placed in a small electric kiln.  The details are created from copper wire that sinks into the initial layer of glass. Jenn uses pliers, tweezers, her fingers or anything else in sight that might help her make the wires bend to form the images she sees in her minds eye.  Once she is satisfied,  Jenn then overlays the piece with a different color of ground glass paste.  Somewhere along the way she also uses a dental tool to fill in the gaps.  The sheer mention of dental tools made me cringe…but that’s a topic for a different blog…or therapy session.  But I digress.

Jenn is fascinating to me.  The process is fascinating to me.  But the hook for me are the names she so cleverly assigns to each piece.  This particular piece is entitled “To the Moon and Back”.  That  phrase is part of a banter my daughter Aubrey and I have engaged in since the moment she could speak.  A fun cat and mouse game that started with a simple I love you and evolved to an I love you to the moon and back and ended with I love you around the sun, beyond the moon and ultimately to infinity.

Pieces that invoke an emotion, make me recall a memory or take to a different place in time are always going to win out.  What wins you over?