Sera Rogers

Sera Rogers, Jewelry Artist

Seattle, Washington

Sera’s jewelry was born out of a need to create. Sera was working as an interior designer at a small architecture firm in Seattle, when she noticed she couldn’t find understated jewelry that was easy to wear everyday. Coming from the interior design & architecture world, she had design ideas in her head constantly. Creating minimal spaces that highlight raw materials was her mantra, and she decided she wanted to see what that would look like in a wearable form.

Then one day, Sera got the chance. Her friend makes concrete lamps, and Sera watched his process to see if she could make something, anything, like she had imagined. He spent the evening answering questions, and she spent her time using plywood, a drill and some earring posts to experiment. After some time (okay a lot of time) and even more optimism, Sera had made her first pair of concrete earrings. They weren’t flashy; they were simple, honest and wearable, and she loved them.

Current Products

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