Sara Danielle

Sara Danielle, Jewelry Artist

Portland, Oregon

Jewelry-making became Sara’s most beloved pastime after spending more and more time in a Washington, DC bead store, and soon transformed into a career. Calling upon her business school education and her environmental nonprofit work experience, the development of her own creative venture came naturally.

Sara continues to look for ways to combine her passions for art and the environment. Operating her own small business while creating art with her hands is just the beginning: the Sara Danielle studio is powered by 100% renewable energy, the 14K and 18K gold used in Sara Danielle’s fine jewelry collection are recycled, and all scrap metals are refined and reused.

Whether the purpose for a new piece is a celebration, a pick-me-up, or just because, Sara appreciates how finding something that is “so you” or “so her” can be just the thing to show someone how much you care — even if that someone is yourself.

Current Products

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