Natalie Therese

Natalie Therese

Boxford, Massachusetts

Natalie is the founder and designer of Natalie Therése, a company devoted to crafting stylish and eco-friendly hand-sewn handbags.

As you can see, Natalie’s passion for sewing began at an early age. That’s her at 2 years old with her aunt, getting an introduction to the finer points of stitching! Over the years Natalie’s skills developed as she learned how to make her own clothes and other accessories. It did not take long though to discover her biggest delight — designing and creating handbags. In 2009 Natalie founded Natalie Therése.

Each handbag and accessory is individually sewn and reflects the joy Natalie takes in creating it. Natalie wants you to feel as good as you look!.

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