Nancy Hilborn

Nancy Hilborn, Ceramics Artist

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Nancy Macnaughton-Hilborn and Hilborn Pottery Design create unique and functional ceramic serving pieces of exceptional quality and unusual flowing style. Nancy has been twisting, bending, squeezing, and slapping clay for over 30 years. Nancy was born and raised in Toronto and educated at the University of Waterloo (B.A.) and the Ontario College of Art in Toronto.

Nancy’s creative and unique design style has enabled the studio to provide a distinctive brand of functional pottery that is well-known and respected across North America, as well as affording her numerous awards and commissions. With the great help of a few exceptional employees, Hilborn Pottery continues to offer exceptional quality and design in its funky ceramic pots, that are food and drink safe as well as oven, microwave and dishwasher proof.

Current Products

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