Mike & Liz Mikutowski

Mike & Liz Mikutowski

Menominee, Michigan

It’s fitting that these carefully crafted wooden piece carry the Mikutowski name. Simply put, Mike is the business. He designs the pieces, builds the jigs, and when necessary, creates custom equipment, all in the pursuit of a superior product. The fact that Mike’s woodworking techniques may be described as “old-school” only adds to the character of the line. Aside from the laser engraving machine, no computerized equipment is utilized. In fact, most of the equipment Mike has in the shop dates to the 1940s, when heavy, precise industrial equipment was still manufactured in this country. Each Mikutowski piece is certainly deserving of its “hand-made” designation!

Materials for Mikutowski pieces are selected with an eye not only towards beauty and function, but also towards environmental responsibility. Since the Mikutowski line includes very small items such as clocks and desk boxes as well as very large pieces, waste materials are reduced to a minimum. Small pieces of what would otherwise be scrap material are used in detail work and smaller items, and any remaining wood is donated to area schools and elderly care service programs for art and craft education.

Current Products

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