Eliot, Maine

The home is a sacred and personal space, but sometimes you can take the importance of everyday objects for granted. Benottiā€™s work is a small part in helping to bring back an appreciation for handmade, quality goods. Using porcelain, Benotti interchange slipcasting, hand building and wheel throwing techniques. The objects act as a canvas for drawings that can be found on most of her work. the drawings are all inlaid into the clay using a traditional mishima process and the decorative colors are hand painted.

Elizabeth was born and raised in Massachusetts before being called west to earn a BFA at the University of Colorado in Boulder. It was there that she took her first ceramics class. She was accepted into the Resident Artists program at the Mendocino Art Center. In a small town nestled on the northern coast of California, I worked alongside a small group of dedicated artists and explored the relationships between everyday objects, color, image and form

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