Christina & Jeff Ferrier

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Christina & Jeff Ferrier

Quebec, Ontario, Canada

Different yet alike, Christina and Jeff both thrive on the challenge and discipline that glassblowing presents. They like to point out that one of them has classical training and the other has the extensive practical knowledge that only a traditional apprenticeship can offer. When asked about their collaboration, they answer that Christina likes to twist rules around until they’ve lost meaning and Jeff likes to throw the rule book out the window. They draw inspiration from their unique sense of humor and hold the philosophy that life is fun.

They gather hot molten glass from a furnace on a long metal pipe. They work at very high temperatures, between 2050 and 2100 degrees. They work with metal, wood and paper tools to shape the glass that they can’t touch because of the incredible heat. They alternate traditional glass blowing with freehand sculpting and combine traditional European techniques with North American inventiveness.


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