Carol Martin

Carol Martin, Jewelry Artist

Durango, Colorado

Sculpted Glass Jewelry, using the Pate de Verre and Kiln Cast Glass methods, is labor intensive and rare in jewelry design. The ability to design and sculpt unique shapes with unlimited colors, however, makes the effort worthwhile. Along with her glass technique, Carol fabricates and forges the settings in precious metals to not only enhance the design, but to make the piece enjoyable to wear.

Making things is as natural as breathing to Carol. She loves being able to create unique special pieces. The glass she makes has a gemstone as well as an organic quality to it and is consistently mistaken for stones.

Carol grew up in a family of artisans and has always worked with her hands. Carol’s motivation is in creating jewelry unlike anything seen before. From her home in the Rocky Mountains to visits in Caribbean waters, she collect ideas that can be translated into contemporary jewelry design.

Current Products

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