Spicer Bags – Bonnie & Sarah Gemmell

Bonnie & Sarah Gemmell, Handbag Artists

San Francisco, CA

Founded in 2000, Spicer Bags designs and manufactures textile bags in San Francisco, CA with a focus on quality workmanship, contemporary design and durability. Each and every product is made in America. Whenever possible, are materials are sourced in America as well.

With marketing backgrounds but absolutely no manufacturing experience, Bonnie & Sarah took a leap of faith and purchased Spicer Bags from Sally Spicer Rankine (the founder) in March of 2013. Sally was battling cancer and intended to close down the much-loved 13-year old business unless she found someone willing to carry on the legacy. Well, she found two people!

Today, Bonnie and Sarah are having a blast designing new bag shapes, picking out fabric, attending local artisan events and running a small manufacturing studio (who would have ever thought!) They are 100% committed to manufacturing in America,

Current Products

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