Moxie & Oliver

Moxie & Oliver, Handbag Artists

Seattle, Washington

Moxie and Oliver began in 2004 when artist Caitlin McNamara began her search fro the perfect black belt. Working as a paralegal at a law firm at the time, she needed to adhere to the strict dress code to avoid one more call into her supervisor’s office to discuss her attire. When her searches came up short, she reached back into her memories of leather tooling as a child, the summers spent in the Colorado Rockies, and took a trip to the leather store. She came home with an armload of belt straps, dyes, and paints, and got to work. That initial belt was the Lucky belt is dark black, which was followed quickly by the Kitty belt. These firsts belts have been staples in Caitlin’s wardrobe ever since. Caitlin’s family, friends, and husband got belts that year for Christmas, and fortunately over the next year, the Moxie and Oliver line expanded to include quite a few more pieces. Her innovative uses of new ideas, new patterns, and new ways to explore the many uses of leather include leather bowls, leather wall panels, and exciting variations on the boring handbags, wallets, portfolios, and other leather items that so often only come in black, brown, and tan.

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