Liz Sabo

Liz Sabo, Handbag Artist

Cleveland, Ohio

Liz always loved bags. They are the perfect accessory, providing an element of fashion to everyday life, and a functional necessity, to many, of everyday life. And of course, they are a great place to keep your Chapstick. In 2009, Liz was at the very beginning of her life as a designer. Liz was also still relatively new to sewing, and had only sewn a few projects in the previous years. But for some reason, the time was right, and things began clicking into place. Liz sewed her first bag and was hooked. Liz is a self-taught seamstress, but was able to draw from the life-long experience of her mother, who was taught sewing by her mother. Each bag is meticulously handcrafted and, the majority of all bags are one- of-a-kind creations. Liz is a perfectionist, a characteristic that is a necessity and a frustration for many craftsmen. Stopping at good enough is just not, well, good enough. Care and pride are combined in all of her work. Every item is cut, ironed, screen-printed, sewn by hand or by machine, by Liz, in my Cleveland studio space.

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