Eduardo Milieris


Long Island City, New York

Eduardo is an artist who keeps one eye on the past, all the while creating remarkable and functional watches utilizing materials from the present, and keeping his other eye looking toward the future. According to Milieris, “There are several ways to create something: play and experiment, sit for hours at the drawing board or pay attention to your dreams.” A guiding principal he has long lived by is “Ars Longa, Vita Brevis” (Art Lasts, Life Is Brief). Milieris’ fascination with art and time is beautifully represented in his Watchcraft Collection of timepieces, which can also be called “art pieces.” Each handcrafted watch is numbered and signed by the artist. Although each watch is a formidable time keeping instrument powered by quartz movements, its inherent beauty lies within the exterior artwork. Milieris utilizes metals, such as brass, copper, and sterling silver, all of which have been oxidized and distressed to “suggest the reality of constant change and evolution.” The artist leaves the finished product unsealed so that over time the bands can evolve and acquire a patina from the air, temperature and skin of the wearer.

Melanie ColemanEduardo Milieris