Tressoro – Deborah Bushinski

Deborah Bushinksi, Jewelry Artist

Deborah Bushinski

Minnetonka, Minnesota

Working with a small family owned wood products company in Minnesota, Deborah is able to access standing dead trees that are marked for cutting. Deborah harvests the bark from these trees, reducing air pollution, as this part would ultimately be burned at the mills. This bark is carefully selected for interesting surface features, such as the lichens on the bark that provide the color and texture to many of her designs. In her studio, Deborah carefully cleans and stacks the bark under weight to “cure” for 4-6 months before using it in the creation of her jewelry. Her green practices continue by reclaiming copper from scrapped car radiators. The copper is torn from the casing, sanded and cleaned prior to ending up on the bench for inclusion in her jewelry designs.

Melanie ColemanTressoro – Deborah Bushinski